Follow along to discover how to use one of a researcher’s most powerful tools — the research guide!

What are they?

Research guides are librarian-curated collections of resources organized by subject or jurisdiction. They contain primary and secondary sources (newspapers, law and multidisciplinary journals, books, laws) as well as database links and links to other guides/sites.

Why use them?

Research guides are a perfect primer on a given subject or topic. They provide a map to the resources available, both in and outside your library. Having a research guide handy is sure to save you time.

At the Muse Law Library:

Our research guides are divided into 3 topic areas: student services, subject areas, and law school courses.

To find our research guides



Boatwright Memorial Library

University of Richmond’s main library offers research guides, too! These are typically on multidisciplinary or non-legal subjects.

To access Boatwright’s research guides:


Other law libraries

Other well-respected law libraries offer research guides. Just Google “research guide” and your topic, or visit a particular library site


If you find information on another library’s guide which you cannot access through their site, try to find the resource in our library databases.


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MuseDay Tuesday – Research Guides (Sept. 27, 2022)

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