Please Keep Quiet in the Reading Room

A major part of our Summer 2022 renovation work involved creating the new Reading Room on our first floor.  It has abundant natural light, places to charge USB devices, and lamps to make it easier to see while you read. This room is created for quiet, focused study.  Please keep quiet here.

When you enter and remain in the reading room, please don’t talk with others and respect those around you.  You should treat this like the “Quiet Car” on an Amtrak train.  All talking can distract others.

Keep Quiet in the Reading Room

For the rest of the law library, we look to social norms and student feedback to help establish how we will uses the new and updated spaces.

Featured in this photo is the Librarian Action Hero, based on a real life librarian, Nancy Pearl.  Seen here in her original form, this action figure includes “push button shushing action,” as a humorous feature to suggest that keeping people quiet is part of her superpowers. Her powers and clothing have evolved, where she now wears a red cape and has the power of literacy, standing against censorship, anti-intellectualism and ignorance.

Whatever your super powers are, and however you choose to spend time at Richmond Law, we thank you for keeping quiet in the Reading Room.

We don’t want to activate our own “push butting shushing action” powers but we will do so if we hear of disruptions.

Please Keep Quiet in the Reading Room

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