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To support law school studies and research, the library provides our community access to many high-quality services to find and learn the law.  We provide Lexis, Westlaw, CALI, Bloomberg Law, Quimbee and others.  All of these systems work best with a unique account and password.  Unfortunately, you cannot use single sign-on credentials with them, such as your University URID.

Consider LastPass if you are looking for a system to securely manage your passwords for law school and the rest that life requires. All members of the University of Richmond community can use LastPass without cost while you’re here.

LastPass Logo

View the LastPass page on the UR Information Services site to learn more.

Get LastPass

Students follow the instructions to create a Premium account. (Faculty and Staff may also create a Premium account for personal use with a non-Richmond email account).

Faculty/Staff follow the instructions to create an Enterprise account linked to your Richmond email address.

If you prefer a free and open-source system to manage passwords, consider KeePass. You can use this without associating it with your University of Richmond account. Also, they update it regularly.  LastPass uses a web-based system to manage passwords you use in a web browser like Chrome or Safari.  KeePass allows you to store passwords locally on your computer, and it works for desktop software as well as browser-based sites.

Mobile & Tablet Access

One of the benefits of using the enterprise version of LastPass is that you can access your passwords across all your devices (i.e. mobile, tablet, web). Your login credentials work on each individual platform and bring you to the same data that you’ve stored. Also, once you get setup you can use biometrics to login making access even easier (see screenshots below).

Mobile Tablet

Overall Benefits

When storing your info, you can create folders (i.e. audio/video, bills, health, social media, etc.) to organize data specific to you.  You can also search across passwords if you don’t spend time to organize them.

With a system like LastPass, you can have all your passwords at your fingertips, stored securely!  As with anything new, it will take time to work with this. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Manage Your Passwords with LastPass

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