The law library subscribes to several sources useful to supplement what you learn in class.  These include self-paced lessons, flash cards, summaries of the law and many sources students value to help learn the law.  Following is an overview of the most popular collections, with descriptions of what they contain. With each service, once you create a personal account, you can customize the tools you access and get the resources anywhere you can get online.

Wolters Kluwer study aids. With over 900 titles, including Examples and Explanations, Emmanuel, and Glannon Guides, there is sure to be something that can help you remember some of those details that you’re fuzzy on as you prep for class and exams. Sign in at home when you’re connected to VPN.

West Academic study aid package provides access to NutshellsShort & Happy Guides, and Gilbert Law Summaries. Sign in at home when you’re connected to VPN.  

Spaced Repetition provides a self-paced system to learn legal subject matter through flash cards you review for a few minutes each day.  We subscribe to all Emanuel Law in a Flash card topics, some multi-state topics, and the system allows you to create your own flash cards, focusing on the topics and order of materials your professor uses.



Quimbee provides short overview videos, multiple-choice questions and several types of self-paced learning tools, including content for all 1L as well as many upper-level subject areas.



CALI Lessons are computer-based, interactive tutorials that cover narrow topics of law. There are more than 1,000 lessons, covering every major topic in the law.  They’ve also added lessons under the heading “Law School Success,” which include tips on briefing cases, self-assessment and strategies for answering multiple choice questions.


Contact a librarian at the reference desk for help accessing any of these sources.

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Study Aids, Study Guides + Supplemental Sources – All at no cost

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