Many of the law students and graduates from Richmond School of Law decide to work in solo law practice and smaller law firms.  This can be a great way to establish connections with clients and work in a community where your contributions are recognized quickly.  If you have any interest in work in a smaller law firm, we recommend this new book:  Small Firm Roadmap.  Subtitled “A Survival Guide to the Future of Your Law Practice”

Small Firm Roadmap book jacket

This book is written by four of the people behind the Lawyerist community, which is a team providing advice on law practice, law firm marketing, legal technology, legal careers, and law school success.  To date, they’ve published more than 240 episodes on The Lawyerist podcast.

In this book, Street, Glover, Everett and Lichty have created a book with a conversational style and practical, outcome-based focus.  The first part of the book introduces the reader to their background and overall journey in cultivating the Lawyerist community for more than a decade.  This culminates in a “Small Firm Scorecard” that presents a list of core competencies accompanied by a proposed system of self-assessment. An online version of the scorecard is on their website to use for free.

The other two thirds of the book contain detailed strategies in areas such as client-centered services, acquiring clients, technology and a theme that permeates much of the work: a need to recognize that the heart of a small firm is this:  a small business.

If you work in or are thinking of starting a small firm, the Roadmap book is very compelling.  We’ve got it in the library’s collection for all to use.



Working and Thriving in a Small Firm: Roadmap book from the Lawyerist

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