DID YOU KNOW that you’re University of Richmond google account is yours for life? DID YOU ALSO KNOW that your account has UNLIMITED SPACE for life?  Well, you do now!  So what’s the best way to take advantage of this resource?

Google Sync

With the download of an app, Google Sync allows you to choose what data is backed up online whenever your computer is connected to a network.  There are apps for both Mac and Windows users.  Visit http://bit.ly/2lTRw2f to get started.

Google Docs or Microsoft Word? What should I use?

There are advantages to using Microsoft Word and advantages to using Google Docs.  Word is a more robust word processing platform; if you’re working on a paper or brief that needs more sophisticated formatting, Word is the best resource.  However, if you are working on a document that needs constant saving (think a final exam that may not be in Exam4), consider using Google Docs.  Because the file is being saved in your cloud account, it is constantly being updated. If you have a hardware problem, you can get to that document from another computer.

Please visit the Computer Help Desk if we can be of assistance.

Keep your files safe – Backup and Sync

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