2022 – 2023 Officials

If you wish to report a suspected infraction of the Honor Code, please contact any of the following members of the Grievance Committee. A list of infractions subject to the Honor Code may be found here.

If you wish to consult a Student Advocate regarding your rights and obligations, please contact any of the following members listed below. Pursuant to the Honor Code, any student has the right to have a Student Advocate present at any meeting with a member of the Grievance Committee.

3L Grievance Committee

Bobby Belser (Chair)
Madison Blevins
Amanda Markarian Christensen

3L Justices

Kaylee Johnson (Chief Justice)
Kyle Jourden
Seneca Tsang
Matt Brock
Alyssa Thompson

3L Student Advocates

Elliot DeMent
Andrew Scalzo

2L Grievance Committee

Sophie Deignan
Grace Gilbert
Darren Ray

2L Justices

Michael Alley
Abigail Scanga Blackburn
Maggie Damico
Zachary Lisner
John Vantine

2L Student Advocates

Bailey Ellicott
Anna Katogiritis

Faculty Advisors
Honor Court: Prof. John Douglass
Grievance Committee: Prof. Tara Casey
Student Advocate Corps: Prof. Joyce Janto