1. Lives and Voices (Historical Figure’s Profile + 8 Entries)

Students will write personal entries in BlackBoard, taking on the voice of an historical figure of their design. These entries give eye-witness accounts of the Revolution, reacting to events of the day. Students will develop a social and political profile of their own historical figure who is fictional, but based on historical facts. The L&V profile is due Friday, Jan 18th by 5 pm. Starting the second week of the term, students will write entries, either as a diary or journal, or as personal letters or reports from the point of view of the historical figure. Each entry must reference the reading that is assigned for the particular date on the syllabus.

Below are the due dates for the entries on BlackBoard. You must complete FOUR entries on the class readings assigned on 1/24, 2/5, 2/26, and 4/18. These L&Vs are “required entries.” You also must write another FOUR on other dates (see below). These L&Vs are “optional entries” . Of course, you may do as many optional entries as you like in addition to the four. I will only count the top four grades from the optional entries for L&V.

All L&V entries are due by 5 pm Friday of the week assigned, and will receive a weekly grade. All entries will be assessed according to a single rubric. Weekly entries will not be accepted after Friday’s deadline. Required entries cannot be substituted for other dates. If late, required entries will earn a “0” toward the final eight – no exceptions.

**Please be sure to post your diary/journal entry under the CORRECT WEEK on the BlackBoard site. When there are two entries in one week, add a second entry to that week.**

Fri 1/18 – L&V Profile, required

Week 2
Th 1/24 – Required

Week 3
Tu 1/29 – Optional
Th 1/31 – Optional

Week 4
Tu 2/5 – Required
Th 2/7 –  Optional

Week 5
Tu 2/12 – Optional
Th 2/14 – Optional

Week 6
Tu 2/19 – Optional
Th 2/21 – Optional

Week 7
Tu 2/26 – Required

Week 8
Tu 3/5 – Optional
Th 2/7 – Optional

Week 10
Tu 3/19 – Optional
Th 3/21 – Optional

Week 11
Tu 3/26 – Optional
Th 3/28 – Optional

Week 12
Tu 4/2 – Optional
Th 4/4 – Optional

Week 14
Tu 4/16 – Optional
Th 4/18 – Required

2. Digital Timeline (2 Entries, 2 Shortened Versions + Reflection)

Below are the due dates for the drafts and accepted entries for the digital timeline. You will submit two entries, one pre- August 1792, a second post- August 1792. Entries must be accepted as “ready to publish” to receive credit.

Thursday, Jan 31 – Timeline Topics approved by today
Thursday, Feb 7 – First Entry for Digital TimeLine (pre-August 1792) due today
Thursday, Feb 21 – First Entry (revised and resubmitted) must be accepted by today

Thursday, Mar 7 – Timeline Topics approved by today
Thursday, Mar 21 – Second Entry for Digital TimeLine (post-August 1792) due today
Thursday, Mar 28 – Second Entry (revised and resubmitted) must be accepted by today

Monday, Apr 1 – 50-word entries and images must be submitted and accepted by noon
Tuesday, Apr 2 – CTLT Session

3. Essay on Napoleon and the French Empire

Monday, April 22 – Essay due by 5 pm