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Department talk

I was completely shocked by the disparity in the transplant waiting list that was discussed during the talk.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have been since we have seen so many extreme health disparities in this class, but I assumed that once … Continue reading

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Overall Health Psych class

This class as a whole has taught me to interconnect all facets of a person’s personality when determining treatment for them.  The course seems like it would be most helpful in that regard to someone in the field of medicine.  … Continue reading

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Careers in Health Psych

The speakers who came in to speak to our class gave me a much better idea of someone with a speciality in Health Psychology would expect in graduate school and in a successful career beyond research.  Hearing about how intertwined  … Continue reading

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Ch. 14, Ch.15, and conclusion

Ch. 14 discussed stress and the effects of war on longevity.  As is expected, those who faced were involved in more violent locations during the war, were more likely than other to develop poor habits and have a shorter life.  … Continue reading

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Ch.12 & Ch.13

Chapter 12 examines the effects of social connections on longevity, similarly to chapter 11.  The chapter’s main take away is that those who reap the benefits of longevity in regards to social connection are those who have the most meaningful … Continue reading

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Ch. 10 & 11

Chapter 10 details how careers and success intertwine with the prevailing theme that conscientiousness is the key to longevity.  The chapter confirms that those who are more successful in their career are more likely to live a long life.  This … Continue reading

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Ch.8 & 9

Ch.8 discussed exercise’s effect on longevity.  While one would assume this to be a cut and dry “exercise more and live longer” that isn’t the case.  The chapter made the same connection that has been nagging at me for a … Continue reading

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Ch. 6 & 7

Chapter 5 discussed how early starts, namely entering school early, affects a child later on in life.  What surprised me was that it wasn’t being younger than your peers that was a predictor of later stress, it was starting a … Continue reading

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Ch. 4 and Ch. 5

Chapter 4 regarded how optimism correlates to longevity and the results really surprised me.  While chapter 5 told us that catastrophizing and too much worrying was strongly correlated to a shorter lifespan, optimism wasn’t shown to lead to a longer, … Continue reading

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Ch.2 & Ch.3

These two chapters highlighted the benefits of conscientious and of being cautious in social situations.  The third chapter spoke on how the participants in the study who were less social had the tendency to live longer and that this was … Continue reading

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