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Class Overview

This class was surprisingly challenging for me. Going into this class I didn’t really know what health psychology entailed and the amount of hours that would be needed to do well in the class. I’m double majoring in Psychology and … Continue reading

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Kidney Transplantation Talk

Before this talk, I knew little information about kidney disease and transplantation. I was surprised that American Indians/Alaska Natives are 9.5 times greater to get kidney disease than Caucasians. It was also surprising to find out that 38% of transplant … Continue reading

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Chapter 14& 15 with epilogue

It wasn’t surprising that men exposed to trauma or extreme stress are very likely to increase their drinking and if available their use of other drugs. This statement makes a lot of sense because men typically try to self medicate … Continue reading

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Chapters 12 & 13

I didn’t really find it that surprising that those who had a larger social network lived longer. This wasn’t very surprising to me because it makes a lot of sense, people who have many social relationships are able to help … Continue reading

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Chapters 10 & 11

I found it interesting that finding the perfect job match doesn’t necessarily put one on the path toward long life. For me it seems like finding the perfect job would give you a greater chance at being successful because you … Continue reading

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Longevity Project Chapters 8 & 9

In chapter 8, I found it interesting that personality can be an indicator of whether someone is active or not. The book says that children who were more sociable and liked being in large groups generally grew up to be … Continue reading

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Chapter 6&7

I found it very interesting that children who started first grade at the age of 5 were at a higher risk of dying early than those who started school at the age of 6. I find this interesting because to … Continue reading

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Chapter 4 and 5

Chapter 4 brought up an interesting point that although optimism can be a good thing, too much of it is not beneficial. I completely agree with this statement because I believe that sometimes too much optimism can leave you disappointed … Continue reading

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Chapter 2 and 3

Something I found very interesting was that people with specific personalities develop various habits. For example, in the novel conscientious individuals tend to live longer because they do more things to protect their health and engage in fewer activities that … Continue reading

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Introduction and Chapter 1

The main premise of the Terman experiment is “why do some people thrive into old age and why others die prematurely” (Friedman & Martin IX). Throughout his study, Terman found that “the people who lived the longest had certain habits … Continue reading

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