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Class Overview

I think the most beneficial aspect of this course was the variety of ways that information was presented. Though the lectures each week were a helpful way of learning information, it was also nice to learn from the novel and … Continue reading

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Careers in Health Psychology

After hearing the two speakers in class yesterday, I was mostly intrigued by the different directions that health psychologists in their careers. Knowing that a degree in health psychology can be used for research that helps such a wide range … Continue reading

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Chapters 14 and 15

I found the section about the relationship between depression and heart disease very interesting. The authors explained that, though there is an association, depression (and other psychological predictors) are not the cause of illness and disease. Instead, the authors bring … Continue reading

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Chapter 12 and 13

I think that chapter 12 made an interesting argument concerning the misconceptions about the increases in life expectancy with the passing of time. Though most people believe that “modern medicine,” such as cures for diseases, has done the most for … Continue reading

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Chapters 10 & 11

Chapter 10 came to some unexpected conclusions for me. Before reading, I would have assumed that the stress of a high end career would have posed more stress than holding a lower end job. However, the Terman participants perfectly proved … Continue reading

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Chapters 8 & 9

I was particularly struck about the subsection of chapter 8 titled “Marathonlessness Is Not a Disease.” In this section, the authors discussed the ways that research can be exaggerated to overestimate illnesses. The section outlines the way that hypersensitivity to … Continue reading

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Chapter 6 and 7

I thought the idea of the amount of playtime before entering formal school affecting longevity¬† was very interesting, specifically because of the value that society places in education. One would think that, with the way Americans push the idea of … Continue reading

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Chapters 4 & 5

My late grandfather’s favorite words to tell his grandchildren were: “Smile. You’ll live longer.” Having heard this my entire life, I was surprised by reading that optimism didn’t directly correlate to health or longevity. Optimism is a concept that is … Continue reading

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Consistency and Health

The common denominator that stuck out to me in these chapters was consistency. Whether in sociability or conscientiousness, those who lived a more stable, consistent life seemed to live longer. Friedman and Martin emphasize the importance of having a stable … Continue reading

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Individual Pathways

The aspect of individual pathways was a concept that especially stuck out to me in this reading. I feel that in today’s society we tend to link certain, single traits to specific results pertaining to health and quality of life. … Continue reading

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