Class Overview

I have gained an extensive amount of knowledge from this course. I didn’t even know health psychology existed until this semester. I feel it is the most interesting branch of psychology because it really takes into account so many different factors that contribute to health. I used to think health was mainly based on genetics and had some influence from the environment. Now I know that biology, environment, SES, race, religion, beliefs, personal experience, etc all interact and contribute to one’s health. The biopsychosocial model is really a fascinating way of looking at things. I am currently using it in another class I am taking to examine how it can explain empathy. I did not expect this class to touch on biological processes such as how the immune system functions, and how the cardiovascular system functions. I am pleased that it did however because I haven’t taken any science courses in ages and it was nice to relearn some concepts that I had learned in high school. In general, I really like the textbook for this class. It is easy to navigate and draws upon information discussed in earlier chapters in order to form connections.  While I did not love the Longevity Project, I did learn new information from it that I will keep in mind as I go through life: Maintaining a large social circle, and helping others will increase my chances of living a longer, happier life. I really liked how race was frequently discussed in this class. I have always been confused about my race as I am mixed. I know I look white but I feel a close connection to my black heritage. Overall I enjoyed learning about how race impacts health and I found I was able to draw connections between my family’s medical history and information discussed in class. Finally, I feel that the weekly quizzes were extremely helpful in aiding in my learning of the material. They helped me stay on top of my work which helped when it came time to take the Midterm.

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