Introduction and Chapter 1 Submission – Brittany Woo

In the introduction and Chapter 1 of the Longevity Project, it harps on the fact that long life is not dependent on the typical health factors society thinks of, but rather on individualized habits and patterns of living. Based on studying the lives of hundreds of subjects for over several decades, the studies have shown that individual pathways based on personality, family, work, and social relations are more of a determinant on if someone is on a healthy path of life.

Just from these two brief chapters, my thoughts and beliefs about a healthy life has already shifted away from just dieting and exercising appropriately to maintaining a healthy life to analyzing how my own personality, work, family life, and social relations could have an affect on me. Last year I ran a half marathon because it was one of the only ways to get me to stay dedicated to exercising. I wanted to become more fit and “healthy,” therefore I poured many hours of training and $90 into this race. Nowadays, I hardly feel motivated to run more than 3 mile at a time. Running to me was a source of longevity, however now I am starting to realize that it may be a myth and there are other aspects of my life that relate to the perceptions of a person’s health.

Additionally, within my apartment, we all are on this “health kick.”  This includes exercising daily and eating fresh produce and foods rather than processed ones. It has been two weeks since the semester started, and we have all been pretty dedicated with our goals.  However, this book makes me question the purpose of our “health kick.” Are our actions worth it? What more can we do or what different actions can we take to be healthier college students if exercising and healthy eating isn’t the secret to a healthy life, according to this book.


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  1. Jessica Patel says:

    While running or the “health kick” alone may not be the healthiest, I think that you are thinking in terms of longevity by doing these actions with others. Because your entire apartment is eating and exercise, you can maintain/enhance your social relations with them. I definitely believe that your personality changes for the better after running the marathon. If you are seeing the lasting positive effects by staying motivated to run more than three miles, you’ve developed a discipline that helps you reach your goals. I definitely do think your actions are worth it, especially since you are including your friends in that healthy environment.

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