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Score = 5
Post poses a question or a new idea that coherently integrates examples with evidence, data, and critical analysis; writer demonstrates awareness of limitations or implications of the posed standard of evaluation, question, or idea. The post reflects in-depth engagement and understanding of creation of new knowledge on the subject.

Score = 4
Post asks a question or presents an interesting standard of evaluation and assess it with appropriate evidence or data; post demonstrates critical thinking skills, identification of underlying assumptions, and evidence evaluation. The post reflects good engagement with the subject.

Score = 3
Post is reasonably focused; with a somewhat clear standard of evaluation that is well described however, may not be particularly groundbreaking or innovative; evidence or data presented may not fit the standard well or relies heavily on secondary analysis (like editorials); no alternative answers or explanations are considered. The post reflects moderate engagement with the topic.

Score = 2
The post lacks a clear standard of evaluation, features poor analysis, evidence is descriptive or based on personal experience rather than evaluative; few connections are made between ideas. The post reflects passing engagement with the topic.

Score = 1
Post is unfocused, or simply rehashes previous comments, and displays little evidence of engagement with the topic.