Colors of the Wind

Richmond in the wintertime is like none I have ever seen before. Mid January the sun is shining, 70 degrees outside and not a cloud in site! At first glance only twisted and gnarled seem to tangle and twist on either side of the path as the bushes and trees lay barren of their leaves. Where is the white of snow, the fresh pine smell from glistening evergreen trees and the sparkle and shine from icicles on each room or branch?

My first stroll down Gambles Mill Corridor unfortunately left me disappointed, as everything seemed dead, overgrown and dirty. A gust of wind brushed passed me as I turned around to go back to class and off in the distance the rustic red brick of Boatwright Tower stood perfectly silhouetted by the tall grey barren trees. If you have ever seen the original “Tricks are for Kids” commercial you will know what I am talking about when I say the world was painted with the colors of the wind (stolen from Pocahontas)Colors of the Wind. Red shoes skirt the murky brown puddles, red crested woodpeckers soar up into their homes nestled deep into the woods, red berries lie buried in bushes along the path and red clothed Mark Massaro sets off on through the wilderness in search of adventure.  Green sprouts emerge from the gnarled branches; green grass clashes against the brown as life emerges next to the spring.< Orange, yellow and brown still remain primary amongst the foliage but they have taken on a a new sense of beauty.

“ The Earth is just a dead thing you can claim

But I know every rock and tree and creature

Has a life, has a spirit, has a name”

– Pocahontas

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Final Exam times/instructions

Hi everyone -.Exam times/locations:.9 am section: Monday, Dec 6, 2-5 pm (Weinstein 209)10:30 section: Tuesday, Dec 7, 2-5 pm (Weinstein 209)12 pm section: Monday, Dec 13, 2-5 pm (Weinstein 204).Bring 3 Blue Books for the exam. No computers or cell/smart phones are allowed in the exam.I’ll be commenting on the Blog responses in the next few hours, so make sure to check them occasionally..Any questions, let me know..Best,.Burak

Welcome! Read here first…

Hi everyone,

This “blog” is created so that all of us, that is, you and the other 67 students in my intro to ir classes can collaboratively prepare for the final.

I will be “kick-starting” the blog by posting some of the IDs that I am considering.

Wait… What is an ID?
I use ID question to imply “identification” questions, where you are expected to provide a 2-5 sentences paragraph describing a term. You may want to specify the context in which the term is used, and may want to include any other relevant and important details.

There will be 12 IDs in your exam and you are required to pick and answer 10.

Be strategic. There is also no extra credit for answering more than 10 (and no guarantee for dropping your weakest answer if you answer more than 10).

Be careful, you want to leave time for your essays as well.

Essays!..[INSERT my characteristic “are you kidding me…?” HERE]

Nothing to worry about. But you really want to be prepared for these.

I will specifically control the IDs posted in this page and you will NOT face an ID in exam that is not specified here. But I can’t say the same for essays.

I will
1) post sample essay questions
2) comment on the “candidate” questions you will post as in “this is spot on” or “with these changes, I could ask this” or “no way! – this is too broad/detailed/difficult/easy/etc…”

As I mentioned before, I can ask the essay questions raised here, or slightly different ones. Therefore, you want to be prepared broadly for these questions.

Fine, fine, fine… I can hear you say. How many essay questions?

I will pose 3, you are expected to write 2.Hmmm… Then what are the relative weight of these essays and IDs?

40 percent for IDs (4 x 10), 60 percent for essays (30 + 30).

I would also expect you to be active bloggers here.

You can do 2 things (preferably both):

1. Provide answers and comments to the posted questions (IDs or essays)

2. Construct new questions (IDs or essays)

I can hear you say “why would I do that?” – Let someone else do it, I’ll enjoy the benefits anyways. (did anyone say… “free…. rider problem!!!”)

I have two answers:

First, you will be good citizens – and providing “positive externalities” (hah!)

    Second, if you think you’ve been a shy discussant in class or in the weekly blogs, now is the time!

I can’t promise blogging here will make up for a semester-long online and in-class silence, but still better than silence all the way.

Also, for those of you who are already active participants, you can use this opportunity to guarantee an excellent participation grade while at the same time… creating positive externalities.

First batch of IDs are on the way.

I will keep posting and commenting on your candidate-questions and answers as frequently as I can.