Help With Planning Lessons

We raced through the lesson plan form for math on Wednesday. I know how overwhelming this process can be. Here’s a brief article that may help address some of your concerns. Connecting Math to Real-World Tasks  

Color in Note-Taking

In creating your commonplace book, using color will be a necessary part of your work. Color is an important stimulus for the brain and can help facilitate learning and remembering. Here are some resources on note-taking and the importance of color. 10 Reasons to Use Color How Color-Coded Notes Make You A More Efficient Thinker […]

Commonplace Book

One of the greatest pieces of advice my dissertation advisor gave me was to “read widely and deeply.” It is a practice that has given me not only a great deal of pleasure (personally and professionally), but also provided me with a wealth of ideas to build upon and share in my classes. I keep […]