Visual Notetaking

Since you are keeping a commonplace book this semester, I can’t stress enough the importance of words AND images. Here’s a video that makes this point nicely.

Perimeter, Area, and Volume

We won’t have a lot of time to explore these concepts tonight, so I want to share these three helpful videos. Perimeter Area Volume

Rotational Symmetry

I hope you learned something new today when we looked at pattern block symmetry. Here’s a quick video reminder in case you need some clarification on determining order of rotational symmetry.

Cuisenaire Rod Fractions

We went rather quickly through the Cuisenaire rod model during class on Monday, so if you need some more information on using these rods for fraction instruction, here are a few resources. This ETA Hand2Mind overview of Cuisenaire rods provides quite a good introduction. If you want a bit of practice with the model, check out […]

Provocations for Math Talk

Here are some terrific resources for planning for math talk experiences in your classroom. 3 Act Math at When Math Happens 3 Act Lessons at Questioning My Metacognition Estimation 180 101 Questions Free Scenarios at The Math Forum Blog

Choosing Algorithms

We talked last night about how you decide which algorithm is “right” for a student. Common Core and other standards suggest that students should have multiple strategies for solving problems, which means multiple algorithms. Here’s a great post on this issue. Algorithms: Choosing Strategies Strategically

Addition and Subtraction

Since we are in the midst of working on addition and subtraction, I wanted to share a couple of helpful resources with you. A Guide to Effective Instruction: Teaching Basic Facts and Multi-digit Computations, Kindergarten to Grade 6 A Guide to Effective Instruction: Addition and Subtraction, Grades 4 to 6 Mrs. Meacham’s Math Tub Resources for […]

Calendar Resources

On Wednesday in class we talked briefly about calendar math. Here are a few links you may find helpful. Mrs. Meacham’s Calendar Math Morning Math Routines Math Their Way Summary Newsletter (see Chapter 4: The Opening) Math RAP Files for SMARTBoard You may also want to check out my Pinterest Board for Calendar Math.  

Systems of Numeration

Last night we looked at other systems of numeration, including Egyptian, Roman, Mayan, and binary. For additional information, check out some of the links on my Pinterest site. (Click on Other Numeration Systems to go directly to the board.)  

Ten Frames

Today in class we’ll be looking at ten frames. Here’s a helpful video introduction.