Math Work Station Unit

Guidelines for Developing a Math Work Station Unit

Your final project will be the development of a comprehensive set of station activities and associated materials for the teaching of a unit in elementary math. You may use UR blogs, Weebly, Google Sites, or some another web development/hosting site for this project. This site must include the pages and components described below.

Welcome/Overview– This is the home page for your site. You should explain what can be found on the site and how to navigate it. You should also provide basic information about yourself.

Unit Notes – This is a page that will include the SOL(s) for the unit and background information from the Curriculum Framework. It should also include vocabulary and other resources you feel teachers might need and/or benefit from.

Unit Outline – While you will not be writing daily lesson plans, you do need to plan for the unit of instruction and provide a brief description/annotation of what will occur during the unit. This outline should provide for whole class instruction, as well as days that include station work.

Activities – On the main page you will provide an overview (table of contents) of the activities and describe the general materials that will be needed for the unit. For example, if you develop a unit on probability you will want to have dice, spinners, color tiles, and other similar resources on hand. You may also want to describe how the activities are organized. This section will have 10 subpages, each devoted to a different station activity.

Each of the 10 station pages must include the following pieces of information (in this order):

  • Station Number and Title (this is the page name)
  • Skill/Content and Objective
  • Materials
  • Written description of how students will engage with the materials, how they will record information, etc.
  • Ideas for Differentiation
  • Formative Assessment
  • Resources (as links or downloads)
  • Page of kid-friendly directions (font face and size, wording, pictures, etc.)
  • Recording form (if needed)
  • “I Can” list if the station will have options
  • Math Talk Cards (if used)
  • References

Please note that in preparing your station activities you will need to include the following items:

  • “I Can” Lists – Prepare “I Can” lists for at least 3 of your activities. Include these cards with the appropriate stations.
  • Math Talk Cards – Prepare math talk cards for at least 3 of your activities. Include these cards with the appropriate stations.

In creating different types of stations the bulk of the activities will be of your choosing, however, stations 9 and 10 must use specific resources and will include additional information.

  • Station 9 – Literature station – Select THREE books that can be used interchangeably while kids read and use them as models to practice the same skill. In addition to the station description, include the title, author, illustrator, date of publication, images of book covers, and short annotation for each book.
  • Station 10 – Computer station – Select THREE web sites or apps that kids can use to practice the same skill. In addition to the station description, provide the title, link (to site or app), screenshot, and short annotation for each resource.

Assessment – On this page you will provide an overview of summative assessment for the unit. This must take the form of both a teacher station and a unit assessment.