Lesson Plan Guidelines

Candidates will develop FIVE lesson plans for the following topics and grades levels found in the Standards of Learning. Please note that these SOL come from the 2016 draft revision.

  1. Counting – Grade K selected from K.1 or K.4
  2. Addition/Subtraction – Grade 1 or 2 selected from 1.7 or 2.5
  3. Multiplication/Division – Grade 3 or 4 selected from SOL 3.4a or 4.4a
  4. Fractions – Grade 5 selected from 5.2
  5. Patterns – Any grade

Lessons must be written according to the format provided in the UR Lesson Plan Outline.

Below you will find the outline for lesson plans and a description of each part. While math lessons do use this form, they require a longer lesson development with math stations. A template for your lessons is provided below.

Math Lesson Template (Word document)

UR Lesson Plan Outline


  • Lesson topic
  • Length of Lesson
  • VA Standards of Learning – Write out the portion(s) of the SOL that will be addressed.
  • Context – Where does this lesson fit? Describe its placement within the broader context of instruction.
  • Global Themes – What is the big idea this lesson contributes to an understanding of?

Content Objectives
Write the objectives in terms of what content students are expected to learn. Begin the objective list with the stem “Students will …”. Each objective must begin with an action verb and include a clearly stated anticipated learning outcome. Use both the Curriculum Framework and Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy to help in writing these objectives.

Assessment Aligned to Objectives
List EACH objective and describe and provide examples of how the evaluation of students’ learning will be accomplished. Each assessment must be directly aligned to the stated objectives.

  • Formative – Describe how you will monitor student progress and understanding DURING the lesson. What will you look and listen for? What should students be saying, asking, and/or doing?
  • Summative – Describe how you will determine that each student has met the content objectives. Describe how student work will be evaluated. Where appropriate, provide grading rubrics and/or answer keys.

Materials/Technology and Advanced Preparation
List the books and/or texts, manipulatives, technology, visual aids, handouts (by title) and other materials that will be needed during the lesson. Additionally, describe any pre-lesson setup.

Teaching and Learning Sequence
This portion of the lesson plan should be PRESENTED IN THREE COLUMNS (Time, Teacher Actions, and Student Actions) and divided into the three sections listed below. Each section should contain an estimate of how long the events of instruction will take and must detail what the teacher and students will be doing. Write these steps in the imperative.

  • Introduction/Anticipatory Set – Outline how the lesson will begin. How will you focus student attention on lesson content, build on prior knowledge, motivate students to learn, etc.?
  • Lesson Development – Outline the sequence to be followed in the development of the lesson. Pay particular attention to concept development and questioning.
  • Closure – Outline how the lesson will be concluded. How will you summarize, review, reinforce, enrich, and/or encourage students to reflect on what they have learned?

IF homework will be assigned, describe the assignment here. Explain how and where it will be embedded in the Teaching and Learning Sequence. Also, explain why is it being assigned and its purpose.

Reference all resources and ideas used in the creation of this assignment. References should be formatted according to the style outlined in the 6th Edition of the APA Publication Manual.

Appended Materials
Attach the following forms and resources to the completed lesson plan.

  • Lesson Organizer
  • Curriculum Framework Document – Attach the appropriate pages from the Curriculum Framework guide and highlight information most relevant to the lesson.
  • Lesson Materials – Including, but not limited to, handouts, homework, presentations, assessments, rubrics, graphic organizers, and other materials of this type.