Monthly Archives for May 2016

Systems of Numeration

Last night we looked at other systems of numeration, including Egyptian, Roman, Mayan, and binary. For additional information, check out some of the links on my Pinterest site. (Click on Other Numeration Systems to go directly to the board.)  

Ten Frames

Today in class we’ll be looking at ten frames. Here’s a helpful video introduction.

Help With Planning Lessons

We raced through the lesson plan form for math on Wednesday. I know how overwhelming this process can be. Here’s a brief article that may help address some of your concerns. Connecting Math to Real-World Tasks  

Color in Note-Taking

In creating your commonplace book, using color will be a necessary part of your work. Color is an important stimulus for the brain and can help facilitate learning and remembering. Here are some resources on note-taking and the importance of color. 10 Reasons to Use Color How Color-Coded Notes Make You A More Efficient Thinker […]

Commonplace Book

One of the greatest pieces of advice my dissertation advisor gave me was to “read widely and deeply.” It is a practice that has given me not only a great deal of pleasure (personally and professionally), but also provided me with a wealth of ideas to build upon and share in my classes. I keep […]