Sam Olson Final Project: Egypt VS USA

I live in the Americas, and Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas. Christopher Columbus helped shape my identity by discovering the place that I live.
Ancient Egypt is one of the worlds oldest societies. They were a super power in the ancient world. Many foreigners may have an opinion about me because of my countries ancient roots



Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, declaring that the USA is independent of Great Britain in 1776. This was the birth of the country I live in.
The great pyramids of Giza is a wonder of the ancient world. Every time I see them they remind me of my countries extensive past.





The United States Constitution describes the laws that I live by. It also shows other countries how it wants its own citizens to behave.
In ancient times, the Nile assisted the Egyptians with everything they did. This still true today with almost everyone in Egypt living near it. The Nile brings life into Egypt.
My Grandfather fought in the world wars. Without these wars my grandfather might not have had my father. The world wars also helped cement the USA as a superpower in the global arena.


My parents shaped me to who I am today. They taught me my values and beliefs.
The pharaohs were treated as gods in ancient times. They were the sole leaders of Egypt and people would do anything they said.
I have three siblings. My twin brother Simon, and my older brother and sister, Charlie and Grace. I have grown up with them my whole life and they helped shape me into who I am today.
Almost all of Egypt is a desert. This makes it almost impossible to live anywhere in Egypt without being close to the nile or another body of water. This makes most of my countries population concentrated in one area.



I have been with my girlfriend, Lily, for more than two years now. Although she goes to a different college, we still stay very close and she is my best friend.
The leader of Egypt is president Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. A country can be judged by their leader an he is the leader of Egypt.



I am a presbyterian, a sect of the christian religion. A lot or even most of the people in the USA would consider themselves Christian. Christianity teaches people values, and a lot of Americans live by these values.
Muhammad Ali Pasha brought Egypt into the modern world. He dominated several foreign countries demanding land and power from Europe. He also forced Egypt to change to more of a technologically advanced country.
A country can be evaluated by their leader. For four years President Trump has lead the United States and many countries may have a negative connotation towards the USA because of that. President Elect Joe Biden is supposed to go into office in a couple months. Hopefully he can support our national picture.


I attended University School in Cleveland since the 7th grade. US has shaped me by bringing me my friends and several good mentors. US has taught me how to interact with the world around me.
Europeans have had control over Egypt for centuries. Several times in our past we have tried to get our freedom, and only truly succeeded with Muhammad Ali. However, Europe and more modern countries still export heavily into our country.


I live in Cleveland Ohio. I have lived here my whole life and intend on coming back after college. Everything I know and most of the people I know live here and were shaped by the city.
A great majority in Egypt considers themselves muslim. This sets a couple more societal norms that is different from most of the worlds super powers. This also means that I am Muslim which changes how I conduct my life.
This is the logo of the Cleveland Browns. Sports and especially the Browns are a big part of my identity. Most of the people in the USA heavily support a sports team and can be seen as a part of their identity.
Compared to America, there are a lot of different societal norms. The biggest being what can be worn by females.















Jobs in Egypt are a little different than most of the modern world. Mostly being that a majority of workers in Egypt are farmers. This means, odds are, when I grow up I will be a farmer.








Education in Egypt is not as bad as one might think. Thirty percent of Egypt’s population attends college, and that is what I plan on doing. Egypt has one of the best education programs in Africa.