21 Mar

What are your thoughts, feelings, opinions about “Bamboozled”? Do you understand what Spike Lee was trying to say with this film? Look up reviews of the film and respond to some of the critiques?

Articles and Other Resources

13 Feb

Discussing Race and Sports Black Athletes in College How to read an academic article Opinion | Tips for Aspiring Op-Ed Writers – The New York Times copy How to Read and Get the Most Out of a Journal Article – … Read More »


9 Feb

Students: Read this article. How would a critical race theorist assess the intransigence of Blackface?  

Individual, Institutional, and Systemic Racism

18 Jan

We had an auspicious beginning to our course this year. And, understandably, it is difficult to understand how whiteness functions. Can you think of ways that whiteness perpetuates racism at the institutional and systemic level, while remaining invisible to individuals … Read More »

Welcome to Critical Race Theory

12 Jan

Dear Students: I am excited to offer a course in Critical Race Theory after a long hiatus. For me, it is the most exciting and promising field of intellectual inquiry around race in the field. This is a difficult area … Read More »