Domniki Athanasiadou – International Student Leadership Conference, 2014

The International Student Leadership Conference was a unique opportunity for me to learn some new leadership skills. The workshops I attended taught me how important it is to realize the contribution of different personalities within a group. Moreover, we had the opportunity to discover our true passion. The importance of finding your passion is the ability you have of using your passion in order to make a difference. I have been really struggling to find my passion and realize what it is that I want to achieve in my life. Realizing that my true passion is art, any kind of art, is now a tool for me to bring the change I need in the world starting from my university.  I want to bring emotions to people with my art and my art commentaries. Emotions that will make them reconsider their lives and their perception towards other people’s lives.

– Domniki Athanasiadou

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