Tomi Jegede – SEEDS, 2015

The SEEDS project trip to Louisiana really helped me to understand what service learning is. I was surrounded by a group of peers who actively engage the communities we entered in order to understand the underlying issues affecting their communities. I learned to really listen to the experiences and struggles of the people we met. For example, I began to understand the fight of the Homa Nation to be federally recognized and the discrimination they have had to endure throughout the years. I also learned about how race, violence, and public health intersected in New Orleans – causing health disparities among the residents of the city. Environmental issues were also discussed through the disappearing coastlines of Louisiana and how some individuals were looking to remedy the problem.

Through the daily reflections and constant dialogue, I took the experiences I encountered throughout the trip and thought about how I could use them to benefit the Richmond community. I want to tell others about what I learned and how we face similar issues in Richmond regarding social justice and the need to address those issues. I hope I can continue learning about the hardships that many face in order to see where I can volunteer my time and be useful
Tomi Jegede

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