Kimberlee Laney – SEEDS: The Journey to Louisiana

My trip with SEEDS to Louisiana opened my mind to the many issues that different parts of the country face. For example, I realized that the people of Louisiana often thought about flooding and hurricanes, and how it was a part of their identity. In most areas of the United States, this is not a problem that people deal with on a daily basis. The trip also taught me that the children of New Orleans often do not have the chance to interact with nature. I grew up in a state that was nature-centered, and I found it very surprising that a lot of children do not have the same exposure as I did to the outdoors. As I have a passion for nature, I am hoping to become involved with the Blue Sky Foundation, which takes third graders from inner city Richmond on outdoor educational trips. A student who also went on the SEEDS trip is currently involved with this organization, and I hope to be able to join as a volunteer.

Kimberlee Laney

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