We will use this site to learn about action research in education through active conversations. Please check in regularly. In order to have a meaningful dialogue checking in 3 times a week is a good rule of thumb.

Initial blog posts are due Sunday midnight and follow-up blogs are due Wednesday midnight.

Some posts will involve all class members and are accessed from the Group Blogs tab.

Other posts are done in groups of 4-5 members. Your have randomly been assigned to a group: either Alpha or  Beta. Click the Discussion Board tab and then your group to select the blogging area.

We will have two major categories of dialogue throughout the semester.

Action Research Process: The first type focuses on developing an understanding of the action research process based on readings from the textbook and other sources.

Article Reflections: The second involves reflections and insights from journal articles. For this type, you are on a rotating basis assigned to make a lead post by Thursday midnight. Others are required to respond to the lead post Sunday midnight. If you are in a group with five members, there will sometimes be to lead posters. Please make that there are at least one follow-up post to each lead post.

Please write professionally and always think about if you want the rest of the world to read what you write.