Article Blog Instructions Instructions
You will be required to complete blog postings periodically through the semester. For whichever
article you are assigned to be the lead, you will write a blog post (approx. 600 words, this document is about 275 words) that will quickly summarize the article.You will then choose one
or more aspects of that topic (it does not have to have been mentioned explicitly in the article
or class discussion) and reflect on the relevance and importance to action research. You should provide evidence to support your point, and (possibly) a suggestion as to how this relate to your teaching practice.
For example, if you blog about ethical issues in action research, you may discuss issues
related to being in a double role–as teacher and teacher-researcher and how the latter possible may influence students’ answers. As evidence that this could prevent teachers from conducting data from their students you may include the extended time this may take. If it is your
time to post the lead blog, it should be submitted by midnight on the specified day. Other group members are required to read the article and reflect on the lead blog. These comments are not simply ‘good job’ or ‘you’re wrong.’ Rather, your reflections should critically examine the lead blogger’s data/evidence, and/or suggestions for its relevance to your teaching practice. Comments should be at least a full paragraph (approx. 100 words). More thorough and insightful comments will receive better scores.
Each lead blog is graded and counts 5% of the final grade. Each three reflections are
also grade and counts 5% of the final grade.
December 2nd, 2016 by Erik Laursen