I am a professor of mathematics at the University of Richmond.

First Year Seminar

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This semester I will be teaching my Nature of Mathematics first year seminar. It is one of my favorite courses to teach. This is a survey course in great ideas in mathematics from ancient Greece to the 21st century. Check it out.

First Year Seminar

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This Fall (2013), I will be teaching one of Richmond’s First Year Seminars. My seminar is titled The Nature of Mathematics (click on the link for the blog) and will cover important gems and geniuses of mathematics.¬† This course is open to all first year students and no special mathematics skills (e.g., calculus, statistics) are […]

Boundedness and compactness of composition operators

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I’m not an expert on composition operators and I’ve never published a paper on this subject — but I do have an opinion. For some reason I keep on getting referee requests and requests to write Math Reviews for papers on boundedness and compactness of composition operators between¬†all sorts of non-standard and perhaps exotic spaces […]

How to give a good 20 minute math talk

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A colleague of mine wrote a nice piece about how to give a good mathematics colloquium talk. It is definitely worth a read. Paul Halmos also has a few words about giving talks. Like colloquium talks, many twenty minute talks are terrible. This is rather unfortunate and does real damage to mathematics. Though not all […]