About Me

Elisabeth R. Gruner
Associate Professor of English
University of Richmond

After four years in the Arts & Sciences Dean’s office, I am on sabbatical for the 2017-2018 academic year, working on my book, Constructing the Adolescent Reader in Contemporary Young Adult Fiction.

I teach Children’s Literature, Victorian literature (especially fiction), and  Creative Nonfiction writing. My special interest right now is children’s and young adult literature and literacy. You can find more information about my research and my courses by clicking the tabs above.

Until May of 2013 I blogged regularly for Inside Higher Ed’s Mama, PhD group blog.  My posts, with the title “Mothering at Mid-Career,” usually went up on Tuesdays.

Until June of 2009 I  wrote a bimonthly column, Children’s Lit Book Group, at LiteraryMama.  The column focused on reading children’s books (and consuming children’s media, such as film) as a parent. Column archives are linked from the main page.