Welcome to this new blog on the US Image. The focus of this blog is to explore the US image at home and abroad, with an eye on understanding the nature and origins of pro- and anti-American sentiment over time. For better or worse, the United States is the most powerful country in world, and yet there are often times gaps in how US policy makers understand the world around them. I think everyone wants more peace and better inter-state relations, but developing sound policies that advance American interests while at the same time promote the rights of others overseas can be difficult. I don’t think US foreign policy need be a zero-sum game, although I can see how many would see it that way.

This blog has at its focus the voices of students as well as my own. I teach at the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia, and I’m thankful to have some of the brightest and smartest students around. They have unique and important perspectives, which I welcome. At the same time, I’m continuing my work on the US image, and I look forward to sharing my work as it develops.

~Monti Datta


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