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AARs posted for Assignments from KM and FYS

Kaitlin Stewart Blog Post

David Bartholomae’s article, “Inventing the University” discusses how college students strive to connect to the academic community by imitating the scholarly language to which they have been exposed. The article is meant to address teachers/professors who are hindering students by not fully exposing them to different types of language that would allow them to improve …

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Inventing the University

David Bartholome, Associate Professor of English at the University of Pittsburgh, wrote an essay that addresses the difficult task that is prevalent amongst many first year students: writing or more specifically “inventing the university.” The common obstacle many students face is conveying their ideas in language of the subject that demonstrates ability in scholarly writing. …

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Bartholomae “Inventing the University”

David Bartholomae, a professor of English at the University of Pittsburgh, wrote an essay called “Inventing the University” in 1985. In this essay, he talks about what it takes to essentially create your own “university”. Bartholomae describes it as “Every time a student sits down to write…he has to invent the university for the occasion… …

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Bartholomae “Inventing the University” Blog Post

Writing is difficult for me   For much of my academic lifetime, I viewed it as a reflection of who I am and how my thoughts work. I wanted to put myself in the best light possible while staying indicative of my true self. Not only is it a struggle stay true to oneself while …

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Bartholomae “Inventing the University” Response

Natalie DiPasquale “Inventing the University” Essay In David Bartholomae’s article “Inventing the University”, he outlines the difficulties incoming college students face when transitioning from high school writing into undergraduate level material. What is interesting is that, although his points are still relevant and very applicable today, a lot about what is expected and what students …

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Bartholomae in Richmond

David Bartholomae’s essay entitled “Inventing the University” focused on three critiques of essays written by students before 1983. However, the faults in these essays and his professional analysis of these essays are more than relevant 25 years later. His critiques mainly focus on grammatical errors, structural faults, and tone mistakes made by students. Bartholomae’s suggestion …

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