Racism Hurts More When It’s Institutional

We learned from Hill about the ways that institutions perpetuate racism. It will never be solved focusing on the acts of individuals. What institutional practices stand out to you so far?

2 thoughts on “Racism Hurts More When It’s Institutional

  1. Lauren

    In season 2 so far we have seen racial slurs used by the Sobotka family several times. Everytime that Ziggy refers to a black person he calls them a “nigger”. This gets him into some trouble with a local gang that puts a threat on his life and steals his car. However, through several other lenses we see how messed up Ziggy really is so I’m not sure why Simon has written it this way but I’m sure that I will find out soon.

    1. Lauren

      Sorry this is possibly institutional because it stems from energy he has received from his family members that run the docks. He is not singularly racist but there is an entire business that is integral to the economy of the area that is run by a potentially racist family.

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