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Page Three: Stage Two

Page Four: Stage Three, Annotated Bibliography


You have entered the site of my entire FYS Project. I understand how daunting that may be. While I would proceed with caution (especially on the selfie page because that’s my favorite), I would bear in mind that this site holds the culmination of my first writing class in college and shows how far I have come in just one semester. These papers, while perhaps they weren’t great, show the journey that I have taken this year as a student and a writer. My critical thinking improved, my analytic skills improved, and most importantly, my writing improved. In the future, I will use the comments from my peers, my professor, and my writing consultant on how to write to really improve my future papers.

As more of an introduction to my papers than to this blog itself, I should tell you a bit about my process. This paper started as a basic paper on free exercise of homosexuality in modern dystopian societies and was transformed by the movie V for Vendetta, based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and directed by James McTeigue, into a reflection of my experience while analyzing the film and the major themes that I found most important. Honestly, for me, the creative writing was both the hardest and the most fun for me to write. I really had to understand my opinions and then be able to translate that into something that I felt was important to write about.

Now, a little bit about the connection of these papers to this blog. Classtime. While half of class was spent listening to Mitch’s foreign language that he made up with the soccer team (RIP Spider Soccer), but class time for me was about exploring ideas that otherwise I would have thought about but never taken the time to delve deep into understanding them. In class, I was able to use the ideas of my peers and what they had thought about the material and develop my opinion better because of it. Especially on days that it was 15 against 1, I really had to have a handle on what I thought and what I wanted to say before I could defend it. Really, on those days, I think that I became a better thinker both on my feet and all around. And, other than a brief incident with the KKK, I think that I came out a better person because I managed to stick to my convictions even when it was easier to just agree with everyone else.


Well that’s where I will leave you to explore the wonderful world of my blog. It’s a pretty good time if I say so myself. Have fun with the selfies. Don’t judge me too hard. Honestly, the best ones went to my dad.