Introduction and Table of Contents

This blog details the step-by-step creation of my semester-long project for my First Year Seminar. Upon reading our eventual goal of interpreting how fictional works comment on real-world issues, using the financial crisis automatically popped into my head. I initially began with the difficult task of attempting to explain the numerous intricacies of the global financial crisis to the average reader with little to no background knowledge of economics. The task was daunting, and became rather arduous and monotonous as it became necessary to shape and mold it to fit with the later stages of the project. Much of the research process was extremely interesting, and gave me a greater understanding of the inner workings of our country’s financial sector. Though the dense nature of topic became dull at times, it gave me a recent example of corruption and moral decay within American society, allowing me a strong basis to integrate into my second and third stage papers.

Upon completion of my research paper, I struggled somewhat to determine which fictional sources to use in my analysis of how they comment on the social issue that I chose. I initially chose George Orwell’s 1984, though Dr. Bezio eventually determined that it was in my best interest to utilize another fictional work. She suggested that I use Watchmen instead, and thus began my attempt to incorporate Watchmen into my initial topic concerning the financial crisis. I chose to focus on discussing the issue of morality and integrity, and the role they play in dictating the actions of an all-powerful entity. The paper discusses the implications of the actions of the heroes within Watchmen, and how their ideologies and decisions reflect the importance of both morality and integrity.

My third paper required much more thought and planning in order to devise an appropriate structure, as it was much longer than my prior papers, and required two fictional sources. Ultimately, I decided to use Bioshock as a sort-of predictive source for the occurrence of the financial crisis. I analyzed Irrational’s unregulated economy and noted the parallels between Rapture’s Objectivist society and the culture of financial sector in the time before its collapse. From there, I used Watchmen as a criticism for the role of morality and integrity within American culture and the financial system as a whole. The result was a sort of paper that progressed in three phases, each analyzing and discussing the issues addressed within the introduction of the paper. The process was difficult, and unlike any paper I have written before, but I hope you will enjoy the end result.


Table of Contents:

Page 1 (Introduction / Table of Contents):

1. Introduction
2. Table of Contents

Page 2 (Stage One):

1. Stage One Draft
2. Peer Comments and Responses for Stage One
3. Stage One Final Draft

Page 3 (Stage Two):

1. Stage Two Draft
2. Peer Comments and Responses for Stage Two
3. Stage Two Final Draft

Page 4 (The Final Stage):

1. Stage Three Topic and Outline
2. Stage Three Draft
3. Peer Comments and Responses for Stage Three
4. Stage Three Final Draft

Page 5 (The Miscellaneous Extras):

1. Things Learned From Commenting on Peers’ Work / Extras From Research Process
2. Commentary on Each Section of Project

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