Almost all of the journalists interviewed had something to say regarding loyalty or allegiances, however there was not one clear order or set of rules to follow when identifying loyalties. Each journalist had his or her own loyalties or his or her own ideas of who they are writing for and for what purpose. 

For instance, Jamela Alindogan felt most loyal to the subjects of her stories. She wants to “give a voice to the voiceless.” In covering terrorism, the victims are often counted by numbers not by person. Through Alindogan’s loyalty to her subjects, she gives a face to the violence by identifying the people most affected. Others, such as Juan Forero and Jorge Sainz Gómez, feel most loyal to their readers. Sainz Gómez wants to give his readers answers for why they are tormented by terror. Forero likes to work toward the interest of his readers by reporting on things they are interested in.

Other reporters feel most loyal to their sources. Sulome Anderson’s primary ethical rule when reporting is to never reveal the identity of her sources, she said. Anderson will do everything in her power to protect her sources in order to maintain her relationship with them.