Some of the journalists interviewed said that speaking with victims can be very difficult. Drew Hinshaw said he does not want to make victims relive trauma if he does not have to. He said he has developed a protective shield he uses when talking to victims. Rukmini Callimachi said that some of the hardest interviews she has conducted were with the Yazidi victims of rape. Callimachi also said that she approaches interviews with victims of rape differently than she approaches her other sources, given the sensitivity of the victims’ experiences.

In addition, César Fagoaga said he is able to uncover stories by engaging with members of communities controlled by gangs. He talks with pastors, community leaders and young people who work in the neighborhoods in order to gain access to the area. He earns the community’s trust by going frequently and talking with people on multiple occasions. For example, he said he discovered the “Nannies of the Gang” phenomena, where gang members would select females in the community to raise the children of imprisoned gang members.