Place Matters Response

Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sicker? explores how environment and socioeconomic status affect health by comparing the residents of two low income areas on the West Coast. Residents of Richmond, California were the first to be interviewed. Though once a thriving “boom town”, the area’s wealth diminished once the white population relocated, leaving minimalContinue reading Place Matters Response

Can We Share the Allostatic Load: Reflections

I thought that this documentary did a great job exposing the multiple factors that determines a person’s health. Environmental factors such as chemical agents, crime/violence, social interactions, and access to fresh foods all play a major role to the current health crisis facing the United States.For example, the community in Richmond, CA has greater ratesContinue reading Can We Share the Allostatic Load: Reflections

Is mixed-income housing the solution?

The documentary “Unnatural Causes: Place Matters” demonstrates that place determines what physical or chemical agents you might be exposed to, and ultimately determines health. Health is socially patterned, and it has been found that in Richmond, California, there are higher rates of asthma, cancer and diabetes. This is because the “choices of an individual isContinue reading Is mixed-income housing the solution?

Birth Lottery.

In “Unnatural Causes – Place Matters”, we are introduced first to a middle-aged Laotian gentleman at the doctor in Richmond, CA. He had a rather aggressive heart attack recently; the doctor described its severity by saying, “you basically almost died once”. The physician’s instructions are to keep stress levels down to prevent spontaneous cardiac arrest–whichContinue reading Birth Lottery.

Place Matters

In this episode of Unnatural Causes the main idea was that place matters. Location can determine your social environment, food availability, neighbors, chemical exposure, and the crime rate. This episode looked at Richmond, CA and High Point Community in Seattle, WA. Both are areas where most of the residents are living in poverty. In RichmondContinue reading Place Matters

Unnatural Causes: Place matters. Reflection.

Environment has one of the greatest impacts on human health, development and functioning. Numerous medical, biological, psychological and neuroscience studies have been conducted to explore negative effects of chronic elevated stress response on human being and animals. However this simple fact, a logical idea, seems to be not so simple and logical when it comesContinue reading Unnatural Causes: Place matters. Reflection.