Animal sacrifice

In chapter 9, Lia’s family sacrifices a cow to “bolster her health.” Americans often criticize the Hmong people for animal sacrifices, looking down on it as barbaric behavior. This attitude shows the Americans’ ignorance and bigotry because meat production in America is far more barbaric than an animal sacrifice. In the Hmong tradition, the animalsContinue reading Animal sacrifice

Chapters 9 and 10 Reflection – Raeanna Randolph

At the beginning of chapter 9, the author provides another example of how misunderstandings between the Hmong refugees and the Americans with whom they interact have negative consequences for the Hmong. Specifically, Fadiman describes how the Hmong people sacrifice pigs and cows during rituals of neeb ceremonies, and consume 98% of the animal and blessContinue reading Chapters 9 and 10 Reflection – Raeanna Randolph