Chapter 13 & 14

Hmong culture regarding the traditions surrounding the dead and those who are rapidly approaching death is particularly nuanced in chapter thirteen. According to the Hmong, it is especially rude to use terms such as “when you die…”, or other phrases that imply the imminence of one’s death. This is because, unless you are intending toContinue reading Chapter 13 & 14

Chapters 13 & 14

Chapter 13 continues to tell the details of Lia’s story and experience in the hospital. More specifically, it discusses her final days in the hospital and how they are addressing her medical condition. The chapter also discusses death and how the Hmong people address someone in their culture dying. I thought the tradition of  bringingContinue reading Chapters 13 & 14

Chapter 13 & 14

The next two chapters follow the usual pattern of present and historical past. In Chapter 13 we learn about Lia’s severe health status when she returns to MCMC for an examination. While at MCMC there is a noticeable change in how doctors like Peggy and Neil interact with the Lia and the Lee’s. Their attitudeContinue reading Chapter 13 & 14

Chapter 13 and 14

In Chapter 13 the Lee’s go against doctors’ orders and disconnect Lia from any life-sustaining treatment in order to have her returned home. Lia’s parents stated that their experiences with Lia’s health and the American medical system is the most traumatic thing they have been through, even more so than their experiences as refugees fromContinue reading Chapter 13 and 14