Departmental Talk

Dr. Jennifer Coleman’s research was geared towards stress and how it affects non-white population, specifically black populations. As her main focus was on veterans, she encountered PTSD a lot, and sought to find the racial divide between symptomatology, expression, and cause. It has been established, that due to the continuous struggles against discrimination and segregation,Continue reading Departmental Talk

Chapter 11 & 12

Lia finally had the “big one” that her doctors were afraid of, the one seizure that she would not be able to come back from. Running the inherent risk of infections, the doctors were forced to intubate through the blood and vomit in order to prevent asphyxiation. While the excessive medication managed to calm downContinue reading Chapter 11 & 12

Chapter 9 & 10

Chapter 9 focused on the extent to which Lia’s parents were not irresponsible but rather selective in their caregiving strategies. Nao Kao chose to drive for days with Lia to find her a treatment options that has traditionally worked for the Hmong despite her condition not being considered a ‘problem’ but an illness to beContinue reading Chapter 9 & 10