Chapter 17 and 18

In chapter 17 the Lee’s have given up on American medicine. They experience many medical tragedies over this chapter. Jeanine Hilt suffers an asthma attack and dies. Neil and Pegg’s son is diagnosed with cancer, but he moves into remission. Lia is thankfully still alive but has to live in a home to ease the strain on her parents as their other children go to college and start their lives. The family also finds out that Lia conditioned worsened from a septic shock infection from the hospital, not the issues with Lia’s medication routine. In the Lee’s minds,┬áthis justifies the mistrust of Western medicine even though Lia would not have survived without medication. The Lee family avoids using American medicine as much as possible and refuse to go to the hospital even for significant injuries. I thought this chapter was fascinating but also very sad. The Lee’s have had so many issues with the hospital and finding out that they were partially right must have felt horrible. I also found it very uplifting that the Lee’s always ask about Neil and Pegg’s son even though they had a bad relationship.

Chapter 18 discussed the issues with the medical field and cross-cultural misunderstanding. The hospital has put in more effort to bridge the gap between the two cultures. They created programs and educated the doctors about Hmong culture and to allow more Hmong treatment along with Western medicine. I thought that these programs were a good idea, but are not enough to fully bridge the gap between the Hmong people and the US medical field. More programs need to put in place along with more education programs to teach doctors how to treat patients and allow them to use their traditional medicine along with Western medicine.

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