Trauma & PTSD Talk

I thought that Jennifer Coleman’s talk on PTSD and Trauma was very interesting and brought a new perspective on mental illness. What I found most interesting in the talk was the notion that we don’t truly know what PTSD is, and the concept that how PTSD is categorized will change in the next few years. Jennifer discussed how in different cultures and countries, the symptoms of PTSD that we recognize are understood differently as well as treated differently. I also really enjoyed Jennifer’s use of data and statistics from her research. Although not all of the data supported her hypothesis, the overall data supported that PTSD is not something that we truly know a lot about and is something that affects the masses but in different ways. How and why traumatic experiences affect men, women, white, black people differently are what she hopes to figure out and approach in her work. Lastly, the concept that trauma can be passed on is something that supports a lot of what we have discussed in class when it comes to race and how society perpetuates the idea of race. We can apply the trauma theory to how significant and constant stress negatively influences the body and see how a disease like PTSD can appear more in certain groups of people than others.

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