Departmental Talk

I thought the talk that Jennifer Coleman did was fascinating. I learned a lot about PTSD that I had I never knew before. I didn’t know that a lot of information about PTSD and its symptoms are not unknown and defined differently┬áin other countries. I also thought the study she designed was very interesting. I thought it was interesting that she did not have any significant data comparing races and PTSD. I thought she would have found something in black soldiers from having to internalize racism from being in the armed forces and from other sources of racism. I felt her study really tied everything we have learned in class together. I also liked learning about the program that she runs at Rush Hospital. I am from Chicago I had volunteered at the hospital when I was in high school, but I had not heard of the program. I think it is a fantastic program and more hospitals should develop a program like the one at Rush to help better understand PTSD and its symptoms

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