Chapters 11 and 12

Chapter 11 was eye opening and eventful. Lia experienced another seizure, but it was more serious and life threatening than the ones she had in the past. I thought that after reading about Lia´s seizures over and over again, I would become used it, but this chapter was upsetting. Her seizure lasted 2 hours which brought her into a coma. After copious amounts of medical help from her doctors, they finally diagnosed her to be in a vegetative state. I did not see this coming. The most eye opening part of this chapter was the lack of communication between the doctors and Lias parents. Lack of communication has been a main theme throughout the whole novel and I was frustrated and upset that communication issues were present again in this chapter. The doctors chose to move Lia to a different hospital that could provide her better care because she was nearly dying. Her parents, however, thought that she was being transported because her doctors were on vacation. This lack of communication is baffling to me. Also, I found this chapter especially upsetting because I have witnessed someone having a seizure and the idea that Lia`s seizure lasted 2 hours is unsettling. The seizure I watched was five minutes and it was violent and unbearable to watch. How could Lia survive 2 hours of this? Chapter 12 gives more background about the Hmong peoples journey out of Laos. People love to focus on the arrival in a new, ¨promising¨ place, but I found it fascinating to learn about the journey to get there. The journey was tough and dangerous and not all who set out towards the new destination made it through. Why do we always focus on the hopefulness and excitement of a new place, rather than looking at the reality of the tacking experience of getting to and adapting to a new place? 

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