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I enjoyed the trip to the Valentine Museum. I thought the exhibit was informative and explained the history of multiple diseases in Richmond. My favorite part was the videos of the survivors. I thought the videos were fascinating and showed a more human side to the facts about all the diseases. I also enjoyed the newspaper clippings that were next to the video because I think they put perspective and show what people were thinking about these diseases and how they affect the Richmond community.

This exhibit also reminded me of a former biology course which was about infectious diseases. In that course, we discussed cholera, polio, the flu, and HIV/AIDS and the effects they had on a more global scale. I thought the exhibit was really cool because I had already learned a lot about all of the diseases, but it was nice to read and learn about the diseases in the Richmond area. I also want to take one of Dr. Outka’s English courses especially if it’s about diseases and the public reactions.


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  1. I like your mention about looking at diseases on a global scale. I think it is always interesting to compare issues we see in the US to the way those issues manifest globally. On the other hand, it is also really cool to narrow down one’s scope to a specific area. We saw both of these things at the Valentine museum with the global information and the information specific to Richmond.

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