White Like Me

In White Like Me, Time Wise discusses white privilege and our societies misconceptions about racism. He addresses what it means to be white, laws that pumps wealth into white society, our criminal justice system, welfare recipients, and finally a colorblind society. I enjoyed this film a lot because I think it brought more modern topics into the study of racism. The previous episodes that we have watched in class gave a great and educational history of racism but I thought that this film hinted on a lot of modern racism problems that we see everyday.

Like Danielle brought up in her post, I thought it was very interesting when the film discussed how the media portrays welfare recipients. The media portrays most of the welfare recipients to be black people, when in reality the majority of people on welfare are not black. I found this to be hard for me to wrap my head around because as a society I feel like we are trying to rise above racism, yet the media is doing things to drag us back into it. News stations are constantly reporting incidents of racism and discussing how it needs to end, while at the same time they are selecting only black people to show in their clips about welfare. Similarly I think that as much as the white culture talks about how racism needs to end, we have thoughts running through our head daily to keep it alive. I personally do not consider myself a racist person at all but am always aware of people’s races in different situations. I think Jim did a good job of explaining that these thoughts can occur in anyone. He himself had thoughts like these, when seeing the pilots were black, even though he is a antiracist educator.

Lastly, I thought the final discussion about colorblindness was extremely eye opening. I had brought up a question during one of our first class periods about the dream of colorblindness. I think the explanation in this film was a perfect answer to my question. It is not that we want to be a colorblind society, but rather we want to be color conscious. If we are able to see each other’s differences and appreciate the beauty in those differences, then I think we will finally be able to move on as a society.

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