Chapter 7 and 8

These chapters discuss the events that took place after Lia was taken from her parents by CPS.  Even though Dr. Ernst did not want to separate Lia from her parents, he thought it was the best course of action at the time. He stated that in some cases not reporting such abuse is even against the law.  During the time that Lia was with her foster mom, her seizures did not decrease in frequency, even after following the strict medication regimen. This made me think about the psychological phenomenon of hindsight bias. Initially when I was reading this chapter, I thought that having CPS take Lia was not beneficial because it did not help alleviate her epilepsy. However, if Lia were to have made a miraculous recovery by being placed in a foster home, would we think differently of Dr. Ernst? I wonder if Dr. Ernst would be viewed as a hero, instead of a doctor who placed the values of Western medicine over that of the Hmong culture.

In Chapter 7, Dr. Ernst also stated that a “lack of compliance constituted child endangerment, which is a form of child abuse.” I would be curious to do further research into how similar definitions take effects in different forms of medical treatment. For example, most Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that blood transfusions are out of question, even if it’s a question of life or death. I do not know enough about the laws regarding such practices, but I would be curious to know if doctors can override a parent’s wishes to deny a blood transfusion for their child in a life or death situation. Additionally, some parents are profoundly against having their child vaccinated, however, I all states have certain vaccinations required for public school.  To what extent to we deem Western medicine necessary for American citizens?

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  1. On one hand, I think that we would think more highly of Dr. Ernst’s decision but I do not believe it erases the negative implication of overriding one cultural medicine over another. On the other hand, I understand making a decision like regarding the possible separation of a family is very difficult. The added pressure of the law to report abuse further creates tension. At heart, I believed he had good intentions and given the complexity of the situation, it was worth attempting to address the issue from a new perspective by handing Lia to a foster home since allowing her to stay with her parents seemed unfruitful at best and almost detrimental at worst.

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