White Like Me

I really enjoyed this video. I think it had multiple connections to the previous episodes of Race: The Power of an Illusion especially in describing the history of racial injustice in the US. I also enjoyed how this video discussed more present racial issues like the election of President Obama, the tea party, and also welfare in the US. I thought the one interview with the man who was complaining about welfare and used government assistance to be a good example of how many people don’t understand how important welfare is. I also thought the point about how the media often portrays people on welfare to be minorities even though many people who use welfare assistance are white was very important. Showing minorities as the using welfare assistance in the media just continue to confirm the idea that the only people that use welfare are minorities. Even though many different people use welfare assistance.

I also thought the part of the video about implicit bias was fascinating. I thought it was really interesting that there have been many studies that people of all races have an implicit bias to associate more positive terms with whites and more negative terms with minorities. I also thought that the example of narrator Tim Wise who is an anti-racist advocate having an experience of implicit bias and thinking two black pilots could not fly a plane safely shows how this phenomenon can be experienced by everyone. I have also experienced this with not only race but with gender and also age. I have certainly experienced when going to the doctor. I recently got a new doctor who is a very young looking women. I have had mostly older white male doctors for my entire life. My first impression of my new doctor was is she qualified to be a doctor she looks like she’s the same age as me. I immediately thought after that obviously she’s qualified she works at medical practice and her medical degree is on the wall. It’s interesting how these thoughts pop into our heads, and we have no control over them and no matter who we are we still experience these thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “White Like Me

  1. I think you did a great job analyzing the video and connecting Tim Wise’s airplane experience to gender inequalities in medicine. You discussed your experience with a younger female doctor, and how you immediately thought to yourself that she was not qualified for the job. We know that there are gender and racial inequalities for medical providers, I would be interested to see what other demographic factors are at play. For example, I wonder if an older physician is typically deemed more qualified than a younger physician.

  2. I think your comment about the media’s portrayal was right on point. I think that not only do people internally discriminate and make stereotypes, but everything we see on the media is filtered to fit these racial stereotypes. By the media only showing black people on welfare, it only makes sense for people to then associate the two together. I think while the media tries to bring up and address these racial issues, they are contributing to them as well. I am so glad you brought up this point.

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