Race: The Power of an Illusion Episode 3

I thought that this episode was the most interesting episode in the series. I thought it really brought the points of the previous episodes together and showed how much the history of race in the United States impacts every aspect of life including social, political, and economical. I found the two cases of Ozawa and Thind very interesting because these two cases were only months apart, but both cases contradicted each other. In the Ozawa case, the Supreme Court said the Ozawa could not be a naturalized citizen because he wasn’t Caucasian and not white. In the Thind case, the court ruled even though he was Caucasian he could not be a citizen because he wasn’t a true white. I thought this was really interesting because the Supreme Court often makes decisions and goes back on them to further the current opinion. I also found this interesting because I had never heard of either of these cases and it really shows how corrupt our justice system can be.

Another part of the episode that I found interesting was the impact race had on the housing market and the migration of people. I know about the way racial makeups affect housing prices, but I didn’t know the history of it. I’m from Chicago and a lot of neighborhoods have been affected by race. I was born in Andersonville and at the time the neighborhood was very dangerous and was a neighborhood of many minorities. My mom moved there after college because it was very cheap. After my older sister and I were born we moved to the suburbs during elementary school for better schools and a safer neighborhood. Soon after we left the neighborhood was redesigned and now is a popular area that is mostly white. This pushed a lot of people of color out of the area and into different housing and neighborhoods that are predominantly minorities. In Chicago, a lot of neighborhoods are being redesigned and rebuilt to increase taxes and have richer white people move in and pay more. This is pushing more minorities into smaller areas that have the worst crime rates. I thought this part of the episode was really interesting because I can relate it to my own life and the area I grew up in.

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  1. I find your experience with Chicago’s gentrification really interesting because I can see parallels with that and the gentrification of Los Angeles. I grew up in Inglewood, which is a black and Latino neighborhood. Now that I am older, people are being pushed out of their homes due to rising rent prices as new establishments are built that cater to the middle and upper class. It is vital to see the connection between gentrification and race/ethnicity because it is not a new thing; this has been going on since suburbs were first introduced as we saw in the video.

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