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The Sun for 1st Grade

These students will understand basic relationships between the sun and earth.  They will learn that the sun is the source of energy and light and that it warms the land, air, and water.  Students will also be able to identify in which direction the sun rises and sets.  (VA SOL 1.6)


The Sun: Our Nearest Star
By:  Franklyn M. Branley and Edward Miller

006445202601lzzzzzzz.jpg This is a great educational book for younger children.  The pictures keep children interested and the content within is simple and informative.  There is information on the sun’s distance as well as energy that it provides.

The Sun is My Favorite Star
By: Frank Asch

sunfavorite.jpg This book follows the sun throughout the course of the day.  The narrator discusses the sun’s location and mentions how shadows form.  This book is also good for young children because the content is simple and the narrator is a young child as well.

The Sun
By: Seymour Simon

sunseymoursimon.jpg The best part about this book is the pictures.  These amazing detailed images give students the real thing and it provides them with more of an appreciation for how amazing the sun is compared to a drawing.

Sun Up, Sun Down
By: Gail Gibbons

gail.jpg This is a very simple book that provides basic information.  I would recommend using this book at the beginning of the lesson due to its simplicity.

Done in the Sun: Solar Projects for Children
By: Anne Hillerman
Illustrated by Mina Yamashita

donesun.jpeg This book is different from the others because it contains hands on activities for students regarding solar energy.  It is neat because these experiments and activities in the book can be completed in the classroom or at home.

Web Annotations

Astronomy For Kids
This website has animations and games designed for students.  They will be able to see the sun in relationship to the earth and moon.

Energy From The Sun
This website contains three different activities that students can do in class with simple materials.

Jobs of the Sun
This link contains instructions on how to create a chart to show how the sun provides different uses for us as people.

Solar Hot Dog Cooker
This link provides pictures and instructions on how to use the suns energy to create a solar oven to cook hot dogs with.

Resources for Teachers

Graphing Sunspot Cycles
A lesson plan examining Sunspot cycles

Sun Books
Instructions on how to make flip books on the earth and sun

Sun Photos
Compare and contrast pictures of the sun over different periods of time

Civil War

For this topic, students will be able to identify roles of major names such as Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Ulysses S. Grant (USI.9). Students will also use maps to explain critical developments in the war including major battles.  They will be able to identify where major battles and critical events took place.

Eyewitness: Civil War by: John Stanchak

-This book contains great color images, but also goes into detail about important topics in the war.

You Wouldn't want to be a Civil War Soldier by: Thomas Ratliff

-Puts students in the shoes of a civil war soldier and describes what their life would be like.  Also contains informative maps and pictures

The Everything Civil War Book: Everything You Need to Know About the War That Divided the Nation by: Donald Vaughan

-This book is more advanced and the chapters go in chronological order.  This book contains more information than the others and is designed for older students.

If you lived at the time of the Civil War by: Kay Moore

-Another book with good pictures and basic information about the war.

The Big Book of the Civil War by: Joeanne Mattern

-Similar to the eyewitness book with great real images.  Goes in depth about the war more however.

Web Sites:

-This link was made by students for students.  It contains a great time line and graphs about the north and the south.

-This link contains great graphics and detail about the war.  It is targeted towards older students (6th, 7th grade).  It also contains links to games and exhibits.

-This site is designed for fifth graders and contains tables that compare the north and south.

-This site contains links to informational websites as well as games and other online activities.

-This site contains quizzes for students and has a link to a site which describes the battles in the war.

Civil War Powerpoint presentations